In a previous professional lifetime I was a full-time writer, then I ran away with the filmmaking circus. During that time, I wrote about everything from crime and politics to arts and culture for various publications around South Florida for various publications. Aside from the stray travel piece here and there, I haven't been doing much of that lately.

Here's a smattering of clips from those misadventures. I'm in the process of digging out tattered old magazines and newspapers from my storage unit, so I'll throw up more pieces as I find them. Also, I'm just getting back into the game, so I'll upload newer pieces as they go live.

"Way, Way Down South"
American Way Magazine, July 2018

A deep dive into, of all things, the country music scene in St. Lucia. The tiny Caribbean island is over 2000 miles away from Nashville, but its love of old country and western music — think Tammy Wynette, not Shania Twain — is bone deep.

"Lost in Little Palm"
Noble House Magazine, Vol. 7, Aug 2017

I had the pleasure of traveling to Little Palm Island, a secluded resort in the Florida Keys. The catch? I couldn't use my computer or cell phone while I was there.

"Thoughts on the Black Audio Film Collective: An Interview with Yesomi Umolu"
Sugarcane Magazine, Aug 2017

A conversation about the pioneering work of Black Audio Film Collective, who explored identity and social oppression of Diasporic peoples in Thatcher-era Britain.



"Is Miami the Caribbean?"
The Miami Rail, June 2016

Co-written with my lunatic friend, Nathaniel Sandler (his website sucks!) in which we wonder if Miami is the Caribbean. We couldn't come to any real conclusion but it was fun.

"Marley's Miami"
Ocean Drive, May/June 2015

A remembrance of the legendary reggae singer, focusing on the often-overlooked roots he laid down in Miami.

"Beach Patrol: Mary Anne Franks"
Ocean Drive, May/June 2015

A brief profile on the pioneering feminist lawyer and martial artist who focuses on ways women can defend themselves from the attacks of ex-boyfriends, be they online or in person.